Dr. Pamela Thompson is so helpful and down to earth. She acts with empathy, care and concern. I really appreciate that she is good at offering practical recommendations, and resources to assist with working through issues. She has been a blessing to our family.
Dr. Thompson is a true gem. My experience with her had been nothing short of simply essential to increasing my awareness of the power within me to control my future. Dr. Thompson is quite warm, nurturing, patient, and extremely knowledgeable with respect to addressing my psychological needs. Additionally, she encouragies my spiritual growth and provides me sound guiding principles to measure myself by based on what God says! I can not say enough positive things about my experience with her. Additionally, I am so thankful that she is located conveniently on the south side where most other professionals like her would be in Buckhead or further north. Thank you, Dr. Thompson, for helping me in my journey to "find myself"!
I first started seeing Dr. Thompson about 12 years ago and she has helped me to grow tremendously. She is a very good listener and sensitive to your needs, concerns, and your life overall. Through her thorough and sensitive approach, she has helped me to overcome and heal in various areas of my life as a woman. I am grateful and thankful to have been able to cross paths with her.
Dr. Thompson is awesome! I have been working with her for many years and have seen so much success in my life. She is a great listener and provides tools that I can use in everyday life. I look forward to our sessions and love her ability to connect the dots to help me see things that were otherwise invisible to me. Dr. Thompson is professional and allows me to express myself in a way that others in her field have not. I'm really appreciative of her support and the way she's helped me to manage my life.